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I work with women who want to take massive action in their businesses.

I teach you how to create visual stories for your brand, so you can scale the business you love.

My love of photography borders on obsession, I crave the hustle and I deeply care for every relationship in my life, I will risk everything to be creative. 

Being an entrepreneur affords me the opportunity to take risks.

I embrace my destiny.

I am not afraid to be better than the day before. 

Dreaming even bigger,

Monica Linda

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Girl Squad Manifesto

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event photographer
Samantha Jo Harvey-Rockette-

"OMG, which Girl Squad pic do I use! lololo! Thanks for making me feel like a QUEEEEEN in all my pics!"

Samantha Jo


“Sent the link to my boyfriend… Oh, wow, You were right. She was totally worth the money.”

-Samantha Jo Harvey

Event Coordinator & Planner | Deneitra Burnett | Savvy Events, LLC


Event Photography


“After my photo shoot I felt my business was ready to present to the world!

It was the beginning of something beautiful.”


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Meet the Queen of Brows, who is responsible for the Gorgeous Brows of the Baddest Girl Gang Ever…

The Kardashians!

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