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We believe in a life lived deliberately.


What We Do

We offer a Branding & Event Photography service that works with women who want to take massive action in their business. We help create a visual story for you, so you can grow the business you love.

We are experts with working with women who have businesses who are ready to grow, and want to stand out from the crowd.

If you don’t feel like an expert yet, but are ready to launch a business or product.

We got you Girl!

Our team will support you and guide you through the process.

We are help.

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“Sent the link to my boyfriend… Oh, wow, You were right. She was totally worth the money.”

-Samantha Jo Harvey

Watch Girl Squad Inc. Behind the Scenes Video for their Branding Photo Shoot in Pasadena, CA


Meet the Founder:

Monica Linda


“There is a piece of my heart in every frame of my photos, my drive and determination to make people happy isn’t a cliché,  it is genuine – GIRL SQUAD INC. is more than a passion, it is my destiny. 

My love of photography borders on obsession, I crave the hustle and I deeply care for every relationship in my life, I will risk everything to be creative. 

Being an entrepreneur affords me the opportunity to take risks.

I embrace my destiny.

I am not afraid to be better than the day before. You won’t find this down home Texas girl wasting her time, searching endlessly for shortcuts to her entrepreneurial success, and you certainly won’t find me shying away from a challenge.”

Dreaming Bigger than I can even imagine,

Monica Linda



Girl Squad Manifesto

We believe in a life lived deliberately.

We embrace each other because we are worth holding onto.

We define our own success.

We are a sisterhood of women supporting women.

When we fall we get up. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.


“After my photo shoot I felt my business was legit.

It was the beginning of something beautiful.”

-Mandy, Owner of Glow Beauty Co in Pasadena, CA

Let’s meet some of the SQUAD!


Lori Harder’s The Bliss Project

Power House Events

by Lindsey Schwartz

Meet the Queen of Brows, who is responsible for the Gorgeous Brows of the Baddest Girl Gang Ever…

The Kardashians!

Kelley Baker Brows Studio, Venice, CA

And Kelley’s Gorgeous & Talented Team!

Monique Bryan

Branding Guru!

Meet Kristen!


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